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An irreverently illustrated picture book of simple and silly poems featuring all kinds of animals wearing all kinds of pants…

What? You’ve never seen animals in pants? A dog in yoga pants, a goat in overalls, a yak in slacks? Animals in Pants presents a parade of impeccable poems about animals wearing perfectly pressed pants.

Cameron Kids/Abrams, 2023
Written by Suzy Levinson
Illustrated by Kristen & Kevin Howdeshell


“With sure command of metrics as well as excellent comic timing, Levinson dishes out pithy observations on animals. A tailor-made parade for younger clotheshorses.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Twenty-three very short and funny poems cover a wide variety of animals and the many types of pants they might wear. Silly and clever.”

—The Horn Book Magazine

“Chickens in disco pants? Manatees in dungarees? Cheetahs in leopard-print leggings? This new book of silly poems and illustrations featuring animals in pants is sure to produce lots of giggles. It might even inspire making up your own poems about animals wearing pants!”

—Princeton Public Library

“Practically Perfect for Poetry month, this pants-filled picture book will tickle the funny bone of preschoolers and parents alike!”

—The Southern Bookseller Review

“Debut author Levinson has fashioned 23 pithy, playfully perky poems, tailor-made for discerning munchkins who like their animals tastefully trousered. It’s uncanny how she’s able to capture each animal’s essence in such a short rhyme, delighting the reader with an element of surprise and brilliant comic timing.”

—Jama’s Alphabet Soup

“Everyone needs a poetry book about animals wearing pants! Students will love these silly rhymes and adorable illustrations. Each poem is witty and clever, and will spark the imagination of young readers!”


“This richly illustrated book will have young readers rolling with laughter! With twenty-three poems imagining how different animals might wear pants, this delightful collection will be requested night after night!”

—Bas Bleu

“Clever and imaginative, these poems had me giggling from beginning to end! Playful rhyming text, rhythm, and delightful wordplay. A perfect book for sharing during Poetry Month in April and sure to inspire your students to write their own ‘Animals in Pants’ poem!”


“This new poetry book will have you laughing out loud. The artwork is as whimsical and funny as the poetry. A perfect book for a poetry unit. Also ideal for a family to share, again and again.”

—The Front Line

“Need a giggle? Need some FUN poetry for the people around you? This book is for you!”


“Levinson doesn’t miss a beat with her rhyme and she’s included a pleasing variety of poetic forms to keep kids coming back for more. If you’re looking for an irresistible read-aloud that will also get kids thinking, I recommend Animals in Pants!”

—Good Reads with Ronna

“The overall concept is hilarious and hooked me right away. I mean animals wearing pants? That’s gold. Plus the humor appeals to both children AND adults, which is no easy feat. If you are looking for a fun way to engage or introduce students to poetry, this book is a great way to do that!”


“If you’re in the mood for some silliness, then Animals in Pants is a great choice. Suzy Levinson’s bouncy poems are a joy to read aloud. Her concept really gets imaginations going, and would be fun to read aloud in a classroom.”

—Cracking the Cover